Satisfied Customers

I can confirm that the seat packs you have provided for use on our BAe 146 have provided very satisfactory results. It takes us approximately 40 minutes to configure the aircraft with a full set of seat packs and about 20 minutes to deconfigure the aircraft....

The bags have received a good response from the aircraft loaders and we have been able to load the smaller packages eg. mail bags into the passenger compartment totalling about four tons in approximately 30 minutes.
-- National Jet Systems

There is the requirement for the cabin loaded cargo etc to be neat to compliment the decor as passengers have to traverse the seat loaded section to use toilets in flight, and to embark and disembark. Your seat packs meet this requirement adequately.
-- Australian Airlines

We have been using your seat converter on our Chathams flights 3 - 4 times per week and are delighted with its performance.

  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Greater aircraft flexibilty without major configuration changes
  • The ability to not only carry smaller items effectively but to carry baggage etc when we bulk out in the main lockers.
-- Mount Cook Airline


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