Safety, Testing and Certification

The Bennett's Seat Converter Stowage Compartment (or seatpack) is manufactured of fire resistant fabric which has been tested to meet the maximum FAA and CAA burn requirements for aircraft cabinet structures.

The seatpack has been extensively structurally tested and has passed all of the maximum structural requirements for all aircraft in the business and commercial aircraft fleet when used in the aircraft cabin in conjuction with passengers.

Single Double Triple
Nett capacity 75kg 150kg 225kg
Int. Volume 0.23cbm 0.66cbm 0.96cbm
Tarre weight 4.1kg 6.6kg 9.3kg
Folded size (cm) 28x30x12 43x31x12 45x44x15
  • The seat converters may not be installed in side facing seats, any seat immediately behind a passenger or in seats adjacent to an emergency exit.
  • This equipment has not been demonstrated to be compatible with aircraft required to meet dynamic seat requirements as part of the aircraft certification basis. Maximum G force limits demonstrated are:
Down 12G
Forward 9G
Up 9.0G
Side 3.0G
Aft 1.5G
  • Certification Basis:

FAR 25.787(a) and (b), FAR25.789(a), FAR25.853(a) and (d) up to and including Amendment 83.

  • Approval Means:

Test and Computation per CASR (1988)21.303

  • General Notes:

The basic material complies with the flame resistance requirements of FAR Part 25.853(a), (d) Amendment 83 Appendix F, PARTS I, IV and V. Webbing fabric to Appendix F, Parts I and V.

Installation to forward facing seats only.

Manufactured in Australia.

Download: APMA Approval.